Tips for Photographing Planets like a PRO with Firecapture


From Dylan O’Donnell.

"Planets are easy" is something people who don’t shoot planets say. But now that I’ve spent more than a few nights on the planets recently, I’m going to get back into *real* astrophotography again and do some deep space objects 😉

But here are the main reasons I LOVE firecapture.. so much so I’d like to PayPal bomb it’s creator Torsten Edelmann with 69c donations which you can do here :


Leave a comment #69dudes if you’ve done the same so we all have an idea of how much of a difference we made to his drinking budget this week. 😉

Support my alcoholism by getting some Star Stuff stuff:

Dylan’s Telescopes, Cameras & Equipment

Celestron RASA 8" Telescope

Celestron CGX Mount

Celestron RASA F2 11" Telescope

Celestron 11" Edge HD


ZWO ASI 174MM and Filters


Celestron 0.7x reducer for 11" Edge HD

Celestron 0.7x reducer for 9.25” Edge HD

Celestron 9.25” Edge HD

Canon 6D mkII DSLR

Tokina 16-28mm Lens

Dylan’s links

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