Top 10 FREE Hidden Gems on Amazon Fire TV – Give These Channels a Try


In this video, Craig goes through his top 10 picks for the "hidden gems" category on Amazon Fire TV. For this list we’re skipping past the stuff you already know, like Netflix and Hulu, and looking at a few things that are off the beaten path. Some of them are niche, others very broad, so hopefully there are a few gold nuggets in here to supplement your Fire TV channel list!

1:15 – Xumo
1:50 – Stirr
2:43 – Popcornflix
3:22 – Western Mania
4:00 – Gravitas Movies
4:44 – Rakuten VIKI
5:31 – Filmrise TV
6:15 – WeatherNation
6:43 – Court TV
7:10 – CW Seed
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