Tornado Warning: Survive Nature’s Wildest Winds


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The awesome and devastating power of tornadoes is unlike any other that Mother Nature dishes out. The largest among them, known as EF5s, produce winds in excess of 200 mph and can span two miles across. The vast majority of tornadoes – over 1,200 a year – touch down in the United States. And while we know that supercell storms are responsible for most of the destructive tornadoes, much about tornado formation remains a mystery, making exactly where and when they will form difficult to predict. This is why, if you live in a tornado-prone area, being prepared and having a plan long before any tornado warning is issued is so critical.

In this episode of Weathered, we visit Linwood, KA, a small town in the heart of tornado alley, where an EF4 wiped out homes and uprooted lives. We discuss the surprising fact that many of the homes in this area aren’t constructed with surviving tornadic winds in mind and talk to experts about what you should do to prepare your home and yourself to be ready should you find yourself in the path of one of these unpredictable monsters.

Weathered is a show hosted by meteorologist Maiya May and produced by Balance Media that helps explain the most common natural disasters, what causes them, how they’re changing, and what we can do to prepare.

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