UK Government loses data because of Excel mistake.

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This tweet has not aged well:
"sometimes instead of finding and learning how to use a chisel, you turn to the hammer you’re already holding"

The tweets were in relation to: Complex Fibonacci Numbers?

=IF(use = critical, "Formal Software Engineering Process", IF(use = important, "Use a database", "have fun with spreadsheets!"))
– Dr Simon Thorne, programme chair of the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group

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– At 03:23 I say "36,536" when the correct number of rows in an .xls file is "65,536". The on-screen number is correct!
– at 06:13 and again at 10:04 I say "National Health England" instead of the correct "Public Health England". I have no idea why my brain did that. I think it merged NHS with PHE.

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