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Ask This Old House plumbing and HVAC expert Richard Trethewey explains why standard PVC should not be used to vent gas appliances and what should be used instead.

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1. Gas appliances create flue products which include temperature, carbon monoxide, and sometimes moisture. These need to be vented outside to prevent poisoning (in the case of CO), mold, and mildew.
2. As appliances have become more efficient, traditional venting gave way to direct venting outside. This made venting with metal pipes obsolete, since eventually they would rust due to the moisture buildup.
3. For years, contractors vented flue products with PVC pipes. This is no good because PVC can’t withstand the heat that comes out of gas appliances, so eventually they fail and crack.
4. Code now requires that PVC vent pipes and fittings must come from the same manufacturer (to ensure a tight fit) and they must be rated for venting.

Richard demonstrated vent piping from IPEX [https://amzn.to/2MVoFFo].

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Understanding Improvements to PVC Gas Ventilation | Ask This Old House