Visiting every Platform Zero in the UK in one day!

From Standup Mathematician.

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This is the Geoff Marshall video about Oyster zones and four-bits.

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List of all stations with a platform zero in the UK (as of January 2020) in the order I visited them:


If you’d like a copy of Geoff’s ‘Platform 0’ map:

Sorry, Think Maths have not made any teacher resources for this video, but check out their resources for all my other videos here:

– At 18:32 I dip the non-crust end of my pizza in the garlic dipping sauce. I wanted to confess that before anyone complains. It was a long day.
– I said that Cardiff has platforms 1 through 8 and actually there is no 5. I had no idea! I only realised watching Geoff’s video.
– Let me know if you spot anything else!

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