Wanna Download Your Dreams? Here’s How… (Part 4)


From Trace Dominguez. ( YouTube / Nebula )

Will we ever be able to download information from our brain? Some neuroscientists and bioengineers are working on this RIGHT NOW. Someday soon we might be able to see what happened in dreams once we’re awake…
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Downloading our brain has been talked about incessantly by the #sciencefiction and #transhumanist communities, but right now it’s just not possible. What CAN we do with brain information that we can download / upload? Find out this week!
0:00 Downloadin’ the brain
2:24 The Sound of Thoughts
5:39 Meet Jan
11:12 Downloading your Dreams
14:25 Hector, Lector, and the Flying Lesson

How do #BrainComputerInterfaces actually read data from the brain? What is the language of the brain? How can we learn to speak that language? What’s the best way to control a prosthetic arm, or to become a cyborg? In this series, I look at these advanced pieces of technology and talk to biomedical engineering experts about EEG, fMRI, ECoG, and all the technologies we use to read what the brain is doing while hidden inside our skull. This series is all about how we can #UpgradeOurBrain! Stick around for all the episodes and click here to subscribe so you don’t miss any: http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-trace

🤯SERIES LINKS: #UpgradingYourBrain
PART I 🧠 Connecting to the brain!
PART II 🤔 Language of the Brain
PART III 👩‍💻 Brains are not computers
PART IV 💾 Download from the brain?

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Lietsel Richardson

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University of Connecticut’s Neural Symphony
You create music with your brain. Now, create music with someone else’s using the BRAIN PIANO.

Quadriplegic woman gets chocolate fix using thought-controlled robotic arm
Earlier this year, a 58 year-old woman who had lost the use of her limbs was successfully able to drink a cup of coffee by herself using a robotic arm controlled by her thoughts via a brain computer interface (BCI).

Degrees of Freedom
For eighteen years, Jan Scheuermann has been paralyzed from the neck down. She is six feet tall, and she spends all day and all night in a sophisticated, battery-powered wheelchair that cradles her—half sitting, half reclining—from head to toe. In effect, the chair has become an extension of her body.
This New Yorker article is SO GOOD. — trace

Learn more about Jan from this talk she gave at St. Francis University
Author Speaks About Her Life With Quadriplegia | Saint Francis University
Author Jan Scheuermann spoke at Saint Francis University to a crowd of more than 200 people at the JFK Student Center about her life as a person with quadriplegia taking part in a groundbreaking UPMC study. The fascinating lecture was hosted by the Literature & Languages department.

Mind-Reading AI Optimizes Images Reconstructed from Your Brain Waves
‘The meme of mind-reading machines have been a recurring science-fiction staple for decades. Yet more than ever, that futuristic fantasy seems closer to reality, thanks to recent advances in the development of artificially intelligent, “deep” neural networks.

Actual paper: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/biorxiv/early/2017/12/30/240317.full.pdf?utm_source=thenewstack&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=platform

A new way to capture the brain’s electrical symphony
How voltage readings from individual neurons could power the next revolution in neuroscience.

Music by Epidemic Sound: http://epidemicsound.com/creator

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