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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Joe Biden’s embarrassing attack on Larry Elder, AOC’s Met Gala hypocrisy, Nicki Minaj’s vaccine controversy, and Ron DeSantis making clear why the vaccine mandate has nothing to do with science.First, Dave shares a clip showing how afraid the Democratic Party is of losing the California recall election. Gavin Newsom is so afraid of losing the recall that President Biden needed to be called in to convince voters to not recall Gavin Newsom. All Biden could do was deliver some unconvincing attack lines about front runner Larry Elder. Next, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proves how she is unaware of her own liberal hypocrisy. She attended the $30,000 a ticket Met Gala with a dress and matching handbag that said “Tax the Rich”. The event is attended by Hollywood elite and countless wealthy celebrities, and apparently virtue signaling Democratic Socialists as well. Finally, Dave discusses the growing backlash to COVID vaccine mandates to fight the Delta variant and vaccine hesitancy. He shares a clip of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pointing out how the vaccine mandate denies science by not taking into account cases of natural immunity. Dave also discusses an investigative article from The Atlantic that claims that most COVID hospitalizations were for asymptomatic or mild cases.


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