We Can’t Stop Wildfires—But Here’s How We Live With Them


From PBS Terra.

As wildfires become more destructive, we look to design solutions and indigenous knowledge to become safer. Subscribe and get ready for the next disaster: https://bit.ly/3mOfd77 More info below ↓↓↓

In 2018, the Camp Fire sent a shower of embers through Paradise, California, burning down 18,000 structures and killing 86 people. Now the 2020 fire season looks even worse, devastating communities, forcing thousands to evacuate, and choking the air with smoke. In this episode of Weathered, scientists and Native leaders tell us what we can do to reduce the harm fires can cause through design, building materials, and listening to the land. We’ll even watch researchers burn a home in their lab to identify weak points and make them stronger.

Weathered, produced by Portland’s Balance Media, is a show about the science behind natural disasters, how they’re changing, and how we can prepare. Subscribe to PBS Terra and never miss an episode.

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