We don’t know what a tree is (and this video won’t tell you)


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It turns out that defining what is and isn’t a “tree” is way harder than it seems.

To learn more about this topic, start your googling with these keywords:
Wood: A bunch of cellulose fibers intertwined with lignin usually found in the trunk of a tree.
Trunk: A wooden stem that thickens over time.
Bonsai: An ornamental tree or shrub that is artificially prevented from reaching its normal size.
Shrub: A woody plant that is smaller than a tree.
Gymnosperm: A group of plants, including conifers, that have naked seeds.
Angiosperm: A group of plants, including lots of other “trees” that have enclosed seeds.
Monocots: A group of flowering plants – mostly angiosperms – with a single embryonic leaf that includes palm trees.
Dicots: A group of flowering plants – mostly angiosperms – with two embryonic leaves that includes oak trees.

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