What caused the perfect split in Saudi Arabia’s Al Naslaa rock?


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The Tayma oasis in Saudi Arabia is famous for its rock art and its historic legacy.

One particularly interesting feature of the Tayma region is the Al Naslaa rock formation – a sandstone block connected to what looks like an eroded natural pedestal. The rock is split through the middle by a clean and straight crack which looks almost as if the rock was sliced with a laser.

The block is also archaeologically significant because of an exquisite example of rock art that resembles a horse or camel that is engraved onto it. The block is in situ and the lower section of the block resembles what is called a ventifact. Ventifacts are geologic formations created by abrasion from windblown sand beating against a rock surface. This can create rocks with unusual shapes and very smooth surfaces.

Main source: https://www.ancient-origins.net/unexplained-phenomena/it-looks-laser-cut-what-really-split-ancient-al-naslaa-rock-008512

The audio was made by Boya BY- MM1

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