What Does Defunding the Police Mean for Schools?


From Above the Noise.

As protesters around the country demand racial justice and a re-examination of policing in communities, the conversation has also spread to schools — with many asking if police should be on campuses.

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**What is an SRO?**
A “school resource officer” is a career law enforcement officer with sworn authority who is assigned by their department, agency, or school district to work in collaboration with one or more schools. They typically receive special training on working with adolescents on top of their police training — but what that looks like varies greatly around the country.

**What is the impact of police in schools on Black and brown students?**
Black students made up only 15% of the total student population but made up 33% of arrests where white students made up 50% of the total student population and only 33% of arrests. This could be due to more officers being present in schools where more than half of the student body is nonwhite.

**What happens when SROs are removed from schools?**
Police departments will still be called by schools to handle certain situations on campus, sending regular officers instead of specifically trained law enforcement such as school resource officers (SROs).

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