What is the biggest tangent of a prime?


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This is the OEIS page for A249836: Numbers n for which tan(n) is greater than n.

Thanks very much to Jacob Vecht for emailing me their new interesting integer. Keep an eye out for when all their newly discovered numbers appear on the OEIS.

These are the ones I found:
tan(1) = 1.6
tan(11) = -226
tan(33) = -75.3
tan(52174) = -181570.3
tan(260515) = 383610.7
tan(573204) = -3402633.8
tan(37362253) = 37754853.4
tan(42781604) = -85369290.4
tan(122925461) = 326900723.5

My terrible code is on github.

– None yet: let me know if you spot any mistakes!

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