What we can learn from magicians about managing risk


From Quartz.

Good magic feels like it’s all up to chance—the right card happens to be in the right place at the right time. All of that is, of course, an illusion, achieved through hours and hours of practice.

Rachel Wax works in fashion by day and magic by night in Speakeasy Magick at The McKittrick Hotel in New York. In this second episode of our member-exclusive show RISK, she tells us that the biggest risk most magicians face is not messing up a single trick, but rather losing control of the audience. And she has a secret weapon to protect herself.

Meghan McDonough

Eduardo Araújo
Meghan McDonough

Meghan McDonough
Molly Rubin
Emily Watson
Craig Duff
Jack Brandtman

Arielle Ray

Emily Watson

Jacob Templin

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