What We Need to End the Coronavirus Pandemic


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The coronavirus has taken the world by storm. But what steps can we take to try and stem its spread?
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Aside from public health measures like mask wearing, washing your hands and social distancing, by now it’s crystal clear that a vaccine is going to be pivotal in really slowing down this pandemic juggernaut and achieving the ultimate goal of ‘herd immunity’. Which is why researchers from all over the globe have been fast-tracking COVID-19 vaccine development at an unprecedented rate.

But while it’s truly incredible that we’ll have an effective new vaccine in record time, the reality is it’s really just the first step toward achieving herd immunity. The reality is, there are other obstacles we have to overcome and right now one of the biggest public health problems that stands in the way of finally stopping the pandemic… is skepticism.

And skepticism isn’t the only obstacle we have to overcome once we have a vaccine in order to stop the pandemic. After you’ve proven to the population that a vaccine is safe to take, there are still a number of practical hurdles, like distribution and accessibility, that need to be figured out. That’s not to mention that achieving full immunity from COVID-19, might not be just as simple as getting a single shot.

Experts have already said that any vaccine that gets approved for public use will most likely need to be administered in two doses at separate times to ensure full immunity. While all this seems like an uphill battle, the good news is that we’ve tried — and succeeded — in doing this before.

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