What’s going on here?

Hello Friends,

Do you like to learn about new things? I sure do. That is why I created mBlip. Basically mBlip follows various YouTube channels that cover a variety of topics such as science, sci-fi, cooking, music, news, animation, and a little comedy. Every 15 minutes mBlip checks for new videos and embeds them right here!

Couldn’t you just… you know… use YouTube?

Well, yes, and I often do. The problem with YouTube is that their algorithms ultimately try to funnel you towards clickbait. It is not until several hours later you snap out of it and realize that you lost 4 to 8 hours of your life that you are never going to get back.

mBlip tries to focus on things that do not jump up and down on your opioid receptors to keep you watching long after it stops being a benefit to you. Yes, it is still somewhat addicting, but mBlip is not trying to keep you here for hours on end. It is trying to show you “the good stuff” and then you move on with your day.

AND THERE IS NO COMMENTS EITHER! (Except on this page)

I have enough drama in my life, and YouTube’s comments have been shown to cause cancer even outside the state of California. Avoid getting worked up about it by watching the cool stuff here! So do not let us know what you think in the comments below, because we do not care what you think. Nobody cares what you think, because you do not care care what anyone else thinks when you are trying to form your own opinions.

But it is pretty much just YouTube Videos, right?

Pretty much. Unless YouTube gets a similarly formatted competitor. The structure of other Video platforms does not play nicely with mBlip’s core engine. I suppose other non-video blogs could be added, but let’s just stick with the videos for now.

It never hurts to ask!

If you have a YouTube channel that you would like to see featured here, please e-mail me with a link to or the title of the YouTube channel. While some channels cannot be featured here due to technical issues, I have no problems with adding other people’s personal favorites to the lineup so long as they are within the spirit of mBlip’s mission. It is all free too, so you have nothing to lose by sending me your requests! My e-mail address is flush2x@gmail.com, or you can just leave a comment below. Contrary to what you might think from my statement above, I am always happy to hear from visitors, and I do care about your thoughts on mBlip.


I just wanted to mention that mBlip.com never accepts donations, nor will advertising be permitted on the site. Visitor info will never be sold, and we are not interested in selling the domain name for less than $150000 USD cash in advance. (Yes, some con artist offered to pay up to $100,000, but I just laughed and deleted the “offer”)

mBlip has been operating since December 29, 2016, and we have complied with zero government requests for information. The canary is still alive and kicking.

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