Why 02/02/2020 is the most palindromic date ever.

From Standup Mathematician.

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This was a quick video I made in a hotel room. I couldn’t let 02/02/2020 pass without marking the occasion with a video!

Here are the years which are palindromic dates as well as being palindromic splits in the year for the USA and UK style calendars.

22/01/1022 UK
01/02/2010 USA
02/02/2020 UK
02/02/2020 USA
09/12/2190 UK
01/22/2210 USA
12/09/9021 USA
12/29/9221 USA

These are the dates on my sheets:

– 36 years in the 2000s have a palindromic date

– 60 years in the 2000s have a palindromic date

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– I messed up the next palindrome date which works for UK and USA style calendars. We’ve already had November and OCTOBER (not December which I said) and the next one is December: 12/12/2121. First pointed out by Dr Amy.
– Typos in description spotted by R Dollarandyou.
– Let me know if you spot any mistakes! Other than the exposure not matching.

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