Why are you Uncertain, Unfocused and Anxious? What should we do about it?

From What I’ve Learned .

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0:00 – The "Incompleteness" and uncertainty of modern times
1:33 – Uncertainty is anxiety
3:05 – How the Brain makes decisions and anxiety at the same time
3:46 – Why Choice makes us unhappy
5:55 – Uncertainty and Distraction
7:16 – Brain regions causing Distraction
7:55 – Constraints – Solution Part 1
10:13 – Satisfaction – Solution Part 2
11:52 – Completion and Serotonin
14:39 – Sufficient Action – Solution Part 3

This is a continuation from my video on "Satisfaction" – https://youtu.be/qr0JMv2uYxQ

Last time we talked a little bit of neuroscience while exploring why certain things that don’t necessarily help with survival like perfectly organizing a desk or hitting a bullseye should feel good. I proposed that Completion, Feedback and Difficulty are components to a satisfying experience. I started working on this video with the idea of "How can we make our daily lives more satisfying by incorporating more ‘completion’ into them?" but this video looks at that from the opposite angle. How can we at least remove some of that nagging feeling of "incompletion" from our daily lives?

I chose to feature Jordan Peterson in the thumbnail because his paper "Psychological Entropy: A Framework for Understanding Uncertainty-Related Anxiety" is a key component to the concepts here.

LINK TO SCRIPT PDF WITH SOURCES LINKS: https://www.patreon.com/posts/37529963

"The Paradox of Choice" by Barry Schwartz – https://amzn.to/3eiCAQT

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