Why didn’t GPS crash?

From Standup Mathematician.

More on the GPS roll-over.

“In the Future the Modernized GPS Navigation (CNAV and MNAV) message has a 13-bit week number, which for all practical purposes solves this ambiguity”

See me turn on my TomTom:

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– Sorry: I used “overflow” to refer to when the value bursts into the adjacent memory as opposed to just rolling back to zero. But an overflow can simply mean it has rolled over.
– I add the extra week bits to the wrong side of the number! Unbelievable. I even point to the other side of the screen in the video. Somehow I totally missed this until it was too late. I’m surprised loads of people are not pointing it out. So far only Kyle K has noticed. Good on you, Kyle.
– Let me know if you spot anything else!

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