Why do some people snore so loudly? – Alayna Vaughan

From TED Ed.

Dig into the science of what causes snoring, and how chronic snoring can be a sign of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

A leather mask that clamps the mouth shut. A cannonball sewn into a soldier’s uniform. A machine that delivers sudden electrical pulses. These were all treatments for a problem that has haunted humanity for millennia: snoring. It might seem harmless, but snoring can be a sign of something more dangerous. So, what exactly causes snoring? Alayna Vaughan digs into the troublesome sleep disorder.

Lesson by Alayna Vaughan, directed by Rémi Cans, Boniato Studio.

Image Credits:
Carl Holderness, GB
Colourcreatype, ID
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Palukx, TH
Rice University
Sarah Marsh
Tony Gines, US

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