Your Life Is 7 Objects (and I’ll prove it)


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You can read Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time.” You can study classical literature. You can read religious texts that detail how we got here and what we’re supposed to do now.

… or you can gather up a bunch of junk from your bedroom and use it to unpack the majesty of the human experience.

The observable universe is unfathomably large, but we can use a piece of paper to understand how it got that way. Humans come in all types and vary tremendously, but really, we’d all fit inside a sugar cube.

And despite nearly 8 billion of us running around the planet, it’s pretty easy for us to stand out and do something unique.

We’re capable of great things because we’re equipped with a supercomputer that can process even the most complex problems in math, science, and ourselves. It’s not that hard to start working together, especially if we’ve got a few ways to exchange what we know, what we have, and how we feel.

Put it all together and we see what we’re working against: the absence of all that value. And because we’re such a critical part of a system too complex to understand, despite paradoxically seeming insignificant, we can find meaning inside an old briefcase.

0:00:00 – The Reveal
0:00:17 – The Universe
0:01:05 – Humanity
0:01:58 – Being You
0:03:16 – Thinking
0:04:19 – Cooperating
0:05:26 – Combining Talents
0:06:12 – Finding Meaning
0:07:22 – Conclusion

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Research and Writing by Matthew Tabor

Editing by John Swan

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