Zelenskyy calls out Putin in UN speech, lays out ‘peace formula’ | USA TODAY


In a pre-recorded speech, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy called for peace while asking for Russia to be held accountable for "crimes of aggression."

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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy demanded that Russia be punished for attacking his country and assured the world that his military could drive out the invaders in a passionate address that drew a standing ovation from the U.N. General Assembly.

Zelenskyy, speaking remotely and in English on Wednesday, said Russia committed crimes against the "values that make you and me a community" in the U.N. He described grisly scenes found at hundreds of graves with men, women and children, some bound and tortured.

He dismissed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim of a willingness to negotiate an end to the 7-month-old war. "They talk about the talks, but they announce military mobilization," he said. "They talk about the talks but announce pseudo referendums in the occupied territories."

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